New toys to play with

It has been a busy start to 2015, with a month or thereabouts of work with Seven News Australia (and a fair few crosses for Sunrise). 

With a chance to catch my breath, I've been buying a few new toys to play with. Including this:

It's a Panasonic AJ-PX270. It's a camera and it's awesome.

My previous camera was an older model from the Panasonic family. It served me well, but its shortcomings were becoming more apparent. The PX270 records HD footage in the sensational AVC-Intra 200 codec. What does that mean? Pretty pictures with deep blacks, bright whites and outstanding colour.

Being the nerd I am, I took it for a test run in Kensington Palace Gardens. It was my first time (ever) using the camera and I was very impressed by its quality, particularly the lens with 22x optical zoom. Here's what I shot.

Even the swans were impressed, although they tired of me filming them after a while.

For clients, the PX270 means the pictures I shoot will be even sharper- the HD quality is phenomenal for a smaller camera.

It also has wireless capabilities- including, eventually, the ability to stream live pictures over 4G networks. Basically, it's a Dejero in a camera. More on that to come.

Hopefully, whatever I shoot next will be more exciting than swans in a pond. I'm off to play with my new toys.