A most bizarre, wonderful 2014

So 2014 is about to come to a close. Well, there are actually a few days left, but I'm about to go on holidays, so for all intents and purposes, it's done with.

In close to chronological order, I have...

-Spent New Years Day in Grenoble with my girlfriend, colleagues and Michael Schumacher

-Had beers with Prime Minister Tony Abbott in Switzerland

-Learnt how to ski in Austria (poorly)

-Chatted with Dame Edna at Australia House

-Hung out at the BAFTAs

-Heard the whaling decision at the International Court of Justice at The Hague

-Driven at crazy speeds through London with local ambos

-Spent 36 hours straight covering the ANZAC Cove dawn service

-Been waved at by the Pope during a canonization at the Vatican

-Spent countless hours at the Rolf Harris trial

-Spent countless hours at the Phone Hacking trial

-Been told Ten's Europe Bureau was closing

-Resigned from my workplace of 8 or so years

-Flown to Australia to see family and friends

-Flown back to London to start my new freelance life

-Travelled to Ukraine and the Netherlands to sub-host SBS' coverage of the MH17 tragedy, working with the great World News Australia team in Sydney

-Worked for the wonderful Seven News team (hell, they even sent me to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show)

-Performed countless crosses with Kochie and Sam on Sunrise (plus, they put me up in a Red Bull air race plane)

-Filed freelance stories for my old friends at Network Ten (and got to hang with Freddie Flintoff)

-Started reporting at ITV London (and received no viewer complaints about my accent!)

-Oh, and best of all, got engaged to my better half. She's ace.


If someone had told me on January 1st, 2014 that the year would turn out like this, I wouldn't have believed them. But I'm glad it has.

I read somewhere that it's good to write a list of the things you've done in a year, as you forget. I heartily recommend this exercise. Shows you that the glass is not just half full, chances are it's overflowing. Merry Christmas all, see you in 2015.